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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


masa baca e-news oh!bulan...adalah wan terbaca pasal kes penipuan yg dilakukan oleh sorang pengamal perubatan nie..n tetiba jer wan terlintas nak kongsi ngan viewers/readers semua pasal mcmana nak detect seseorg tu i found tis articles..check it out!!! :P

How to detect a liar? How to catch a liar without high tech equipment such as a lie detector? You need a good eye, good ear and a healthy skepticism.
  • People tend to touch their nose and scratch their face when they lie.
  • Follow their eyes, liar then to blink a lot and cannot maintain eye contact.
  • Check their smile, people who are telling the truth tend to use many facial muscle but liar just smile with their mouth.
  • Pay attention to details, liar tend to provide more information that necessary, they are being overly specific when they are making things up.
  • Change conversation subject, if they are over relief then it is a sign of lying.


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