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Monday, December 8, 2008


at last yesterday..I've got an opportunity to watch movie with mrFiance..lama rasanya x tgk wayang dgn dia...actually smlm ingat nak tgk 2-3 disbbkan kesuntukan masa..n wan pun nak kena blk KL 6am dpt tgk satu movie jelah...we decided to watch LOS dan FAUN.... best gak citer x se'best' citer afdlin shauki yg lepas2...tis is the synopsis:

Los (Hans Isaac) and Faun (Adlin Aman Ramlie) are two childhood friends who come to Kuala Lumpur to make a living for themselves. Together they have a gift for deduction which helps people find their misplaced belongings.

They soon become well-known and are seen on tv.

Recently bereaved Jasmin (Erra Fazira) sees an ad for their services on TV and hastily calls Los and Faun to garner their services. When her super-rich husband Tuan Soffar (Afdlin Shauki) died, his very expensive watch went missing, and she needs their help to locate it.
Los and Faun visit Jasmine and find that she is very beautiful, living alone in a huge house of luxury, and fighting off Tuan Soffar’s younger step-brother Jefri (AC Mizal), who claims that some of her inheritance belongs to him.

Faun, struck by Jasmine’s beauty, tries to make some deductions about the whereabouts of Soffar’s watch, but to his and Los’ chagrin, finds that his powers are strangely affected by Jasmine’s presence.

overall citer menarik.n sesuai ditonton oleh semua lapisan masyarakat..hehehehe

p/s : sabtu nie ingat nak tgk movie lglah...hehehe


  1. jid......aku kompem pasni aku mesti g nyer dgn ko...huhuh...siap aku lg yg blanje kalu mkn, ko yg kene blanje aku....hakhakhak..
    nnti aku da kt kl, kita g ronda same2 ek...rindu meh kt ko...hokhok

  2. hohohohohoho....
    bila ko nak lepak KL???meh habaq mai...

  3. aku pasti akan lepak dgn ko b4 ko pergi tinggalkan aku utk husband ko..hukhuk



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