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Monday, December 21, 2009

10 thn...


Last year entry

Lewat sehari….hehehe…Kalau sesapa dah baca entry thn lps…tahun ni dah genap 10 thn wan n en.Huby kenal each other… :) Alhamdulillah…spt yg dijanjkan tahun ke-10 wan n en.Hubby tlh slmt menjadi husband n wife..pada 08052009 yang lalu….alhamdulillah..en.Hubby mmg seorg suami yg tersgtlah faham situasi isteri dia yang pasang surut anginnya..yg x tentu pasal…air pun ada waktu nak pasang n surut…thx sgt2…n insyallah…pada thn hadapan sekiranya Allah s.w.t mengizinkan..wan n en.hubbyy akan jd papa n mama..doakan my dearest beloved HUSBAND…this is for you… :)

When it comes to lovin' couples,
don't we make the perfect pair?
There's romance, love, and laughter
in the friendship that we share.
We care enough to listen,
to trust and understand.
To build a life together,
side by side and hand in hand.
We both know that we're lucky
and we've got a good thing going.

Through ups and downs
and give and take,
our love just keeps on growing...
'Cause I bring out the best in you,
and you the best in me-

I guess it takes the two of us
to make the perfect "WE."

p/s: 1) entry pjg mengenai anniversary nie akan menyusul kemudian…

2) x sbr nak jmpa en.Hubby sbb dah 2 minggu x blk ipoh...dia pun x blk tis weekend en.Hubby akan blk ipoh...n akan spend masa for me from xmas holiday 'till new year!!!!yey!!!! (dtg ptjaya tlg mop lantai i x larat...wakakaka)

.::LOVE is in the air::.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

craving for....



I’m craving for SPICY CHICKEN mcDeluxe!!!

Tghari nie kena g alamanda!!!


Wait ‘4’ me…hahhhaa

Jgnlah rmi org!!!!

p/s:tabiat pemakanan sgt teruk! Kalau boleh hari2 nak spicy chicken mcDeluxe!!!what the….

.::LOVE is in the air::.

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